This page contains supporting applications for the book:

MERUNKA, Vojtěch. Neoslavonic Zonal Constructed Language. 1st ed. Nová Forma, 2012, 164 pages, monograph, ISBN 978-80-7453-291-7

There are yet more files for free download at this address:

Cyrillic keyboard driver for Windows and Mac for both Old and New Slavonic

Neoslavonic layout is based on the standard US-QWERTY keyboard. Additional characters are accessible via Alt (Alt-Gr) key.  You can use it also for Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Bulgarian.  Windows driver is due to Microsoft restrictions mapped as "Slovenian-Cyrillic" and must be installed using setup.exe.  Mac driver is named "NS-Kyrillica" and has Neoslavonic icon - the only thing you need is to copy uncompressed mac files into home or system folder ~/Library/KeyboardLayouts.

universal keyboard driver by Roberto Lombino

This keyboard is based on the English layout QWERTY. It supports all the contemporary Slavic Cyrillic alphabets, Neoslavonic, Slovianski and Moldovan Cyrillic. Moreover, it includes some additional characters, as for example the non-breaking space, the correct apostrophe, combining diacritics to write East- and South Slavic accents, or different types of quotation marks. Most special characters can be written with the Alt Gr (right Alt or CTRL+left Alt).